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After finishing The Pod, The Knobster moved back into the engineering department as the PRiDE took over the Bunker to work on the next project with the Deadpan. Young Knobby had acquired a taste for doing things of his own, however, and mentioned to Mr Reindeer that he wouldn’t mind having a go at another Bollockbrain project.

‘OK,’ said the Reindeer. ‘Anything particular in mind?’

‘Not yet.’

‘Why don’t you do something based on all those half-arsed porno films you’re always watching on movies24? You know, the ones where the only thing really going on is the music.’

‘Don’t know... Will have to think about it.’

So think he did. And before long, Mr Reindeer’s idea didn’t seem like such a bad idea. In fact, it seemed like a bloody good one. So the lad started to sketch basic tracks for a project which would resemble the soundtrack to a porno film.

He wanted the project to have a different feel to The Pod, however, one which didn’t rely so heavily on loops and synths. When he mentioned this to Israel Hands, the latter suggested that the PRiDE do overdub sessions, which would add a more live feel to the tracks.

Knobby also wanted the project to have an ironic edge which would provide comic relief. Zblotnik suggested he buy some Noddy DVDs from and sample those. Wasn’t quite what Knobby had in mind, but it started him thinking, and pretty soon he had an idea of where the project was going.

So work began, with the PRiDE providing unpaid session-work, and the ironic edge being given by samples taken from a boxed set of DVDs of Luis Buñuel films.

Then disaster struck. Twice.

Rex’s brother was killed in a car accident, and he withdrew from all Bollockbrain projects for several months.

In the floods which afflicted the UK in June 2007, the Bunker was one of the properties affected. Zblotnik and Frank managed to dismantle the studio, and put all the equipment into storage, but it meant an end to Bollockbrain projects for the remainder of the year. At least as far as the Bunker was concerned.

But things move on.

Both Knobby and the PRiDE (minus Rex) wanted to do tracks for the MySpace The Music is Taboo project when it was first proposed by Charles Klee. In order for these to be completed, Frank had set up a small studio - a sort of mini Bunker - round at Knobby’s flat. Though this wouldn’t do for the project with the Deadpan, which needed a more complex set up, it would do for Knobby’s project.

So work was resumed, and before long, things were going smoothly with tracks being laid down faster than porno stars on a promise.

Early on in the project, Knobby asked the PRiDE if they had any ideas as to a title.

‘Why not Good As A Wank?’ said Izzy.

‘Or Blind Bat?’ said the Blackshadow.

Again, not quite what Knobby had in mind, but it wasn’t long before he came up with something apposite.

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All tracks written & arranged by The Knobster & THE SPECTRAL PRiDE, © 2008 Bollockbrain Productions.

Recorded, engineered and mixed at the Bollockbrain Bunker & the Knobpit by The Knobster.

Unpaid session-work: THE SPECTRAL PRiDE.

Produced by Mr Reindeer.

℗ 2008 Bollockbrain Productions. Some rights reserved.

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