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  1. 1: I Got You
  2. 2: Total Control
  3. 3: I Go To Sleep
  4. 4: The Girl Of My Dreams Is Giving Me Nightmares
  5. 5: Who’s That Girl?
  6. 6: Wild World
  7. 7: My World Is Empty
  8. 8: One Way Or Another
  9. 9: Perfect Day

Once 4 had been released, relative peace and quiet once again eased through the Bunker.

The PRiDE had sloped off on their annual walkabout. Frank and Mr Reindeer had set about moving Zblotnikland to a new host, overhauling everything in the process. Which left Knobby and Zblotnik moaning about the weather and the Olympics, while sprawled in front of the gogglebox.

There are only so many times you can watch reruns of Batman and Bonanza, however, and before long the two reprobates were as restless as squirrels in a fruitcake factory.

‘Fuck it,’ said Zeddy, ‘I’ve had enough of this. Let’s get your mates in and make a row.’

‘What - the Nudgers?’ said Knobby.

‘You have any other mates?’

‘It’ll mean filling up the fridge with Special Brew.’

‘Consider it done.’

And so the Bunker was made available for Knobby and the Nudgers to record a new project.

Before things could kick off, however, there was the matter of material - which songs to record.

The Nudgers had murdered quite a few albums’ worth of numbers as legendary cover band, Dickie and the Daidoes. But for the new project, Knobby wanted to rip a sheet off the PRiDE’s roll and do something with an overall theme, something with a concept. But what?

Quite a few cans would be drained, crushed and hoyed before the answer to that one appeared on the horizon.

A selection of songs by one-hit wonders was one suggestion. Shite brit disco-music was another. Even glam rock raised its sequined dazzling head. But all were rejected as not quite being what Knobby had in mind.

In the end, the answer was as obvious as the pimple on the end of Zeddy’s conk.

‘What do most pop songs from the last half century or so have in common?’ said Mr Reindeer, who was never one to miss a drinking-session, especially if the booze was free.

‘Tunes you can hum,’ said Knobby.

‘Besides that. Come on - think!’

The thought was thunk. But besides the possibility of commercial appeal, no contenders were forthcoming.

‘Heartbreak!’ said Mr Reindeer. ‘Obsession, love, lust or whatever. But most importantly, loss and associated heartbreak.’

‘Sounds a lot like Bell Bottom Blues revisited,’ said Zblotnik.

‘What if it does?’ said Mr Reindeer. ‘Only more proof for the pudding. So let’s eat it! Only this time in the form of covers.’

And that was that. The new project by Knobby and the Nudgers would be cover versions of songs about love, obsession, loss and heartbreak. And the title?

‘Easy,’ said Mr Reindeer, cracking open another can, ‘coverup. So get to it, lads! Time is beer!’

All tracks arranged and played by Knobby and the Nudgers.

Recorded, engineered and mixed at the Bollockbrain Bunker by The Knobster.

Produced by Zblotnik.

Artwork: Frank Blunt.

℗ 2013 Bollockbrain Productions. Some rights reserved.

For copyright reasons, coverup will not be made available for downloading.