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  1. 1: Jingleknob
  2. 2: Zootime! Rmx
  3. 3: On the Way (to Oklahoma)
  4. 4: Haul on the Bowline [featuring Renaldo & the Loaf]

After a good start, 2007 turned out to be a bastard of a year for Bollockbrain Productions.

Rex’s brother was killed in a car accident.

A week later, the Bunker was flooded, but not before Frank and Zblotnik had managed to dismantle the studio and put all the equipment into storage.

Everything ground to a halt, and stayed that way as a long process of wrangling with dilatory insurance assessors began.

With Rex not being much interested in doing anything, the latest PRiDE project with the Deadpan was shelved.

Frank set Knobby up with a basic studio, however, and he was able to complete the recording part of his next project with help from Max, Izzy and the Blackshadow.

Rex had already laid down organ and tuned percussion for most of this project, but wanted nothing to do with the rest.

Before mixing the project, Knobby decided to give his lugholes a change of scenery by remixing or remastering a handful of old tracks. He also began to tinker with a version of ‘Jingle Bells’, mostly to acquaint himself the new Logic Studio software, which the Bollockbrains had bought for when the Bunker was up and running again.

Rex dropped by to see him one day, and asked the lad what he was up to. Knobby played Rex the version of ‘Jingle Bells’. Rex laughed.

‘Want some vox doing?’ said Rex.

‘Wouldn’t mind,’ said Knobby.

So Rex cut up the lyrics of the original ‘Jingle Bells’, threw out the crap, and laid down a minimalist vocal part.

The man was back. With a vengeance.

When the Bollockbrains heard that Rex had been recording again, they were delighted.

They listened to the track, and the other tracks Knobby had been tinkering with, and asked the lad if he could have them mixed and mastered by the end of the month - November. He said he’d try.

The idea they had in mind was this: a gift for the UK friends who had stuck by the PRiDE and BB Productions throughout the darker days of the year.

This would take the form of an EP consisting of Knobby’s tracks, with a special cover by Frank.

None of the tracks, which were different to versions available elsewhere, would be released on other Bollockbrain projects. Though the version of ‘Jingle Bells’ would be loaded on to the PRiDE and Knobster MySpace players for non-UK friends to download.

The name of the title track, and of the EP, would be Jingleknob.

1 written by James Pierpoint, arranged by Rex Bland & The Knobster, © 2007 Bollockbrain Productions.
2 written by THE SPECTRAL PRiDE, arranged by The Knobster, © 2007 Bollockbrain Productions.
3 written by The Residents, © 2005 The Cryptic Corporation.
4 traditional, arranged by The Knobster, © 2007 Bollockbrain Productions.

All tracks recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered at the Bollockbrain Bunker and the Knobhole by The Knobster.

Produced by Mr Reindeer.

℗ 2007 Bollockbrain Productions. Some rights reserved.

Because of the nature of the project - a gift to friends - none of the tracks are available for downloading here. Same goes for the artwork.