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After the Butterflies EP was released in July 2010, three-quarters of the Bollockbrains decided to close up shop and go on holiday. The Knobster - under the delusion that he’d been abducted by aliens - had already taken time off, so was left behind to look after the Bunker. A dangerous decision.

When the holidaymakers returned, the Bunker looked like it had been hit by a suicide bomber. There were crumpled Special Brew cans and boxes of half-eaten pizza strewn about the place, along with the discs from Zblotnik’s collection of Japanese DVDs. All the instruments were out of their cases, everything electrical had been left switched on, and the fruitbowl was broken in half.

Worst of all, the pages had been torn from Frank’s copy of Yves Tanguy and Surrealism, and taped to the ceiling and walls.

And there in the middle of it all - half on the sofa, half on the floor, a cucumber strapped to his head with a piece of washing-line - was young Knobby.

Mr Reindeer tiptoed across to the Lad.

‘Knobs on deck!’ he shouted in his lughole, causing the Lad to lurch and tumble to the floor.

‘Get out of it, you twats,’ the Lad mumbled, thrashing at invisible flies with his hands. ‘Too early for Babestation - still have their tops on...’

The Lad’s diatribe petered to silence as he realised things just might not be as he thought.

‘You bastard,’ said Zblotnik, taking a bottle of dutyfree from a bag. ‘I’m going to beat you senseless, then...’

Luckily for the Lad, Frank and Mr Reindeer managed to restrain old Zeddy and drag him into the kitchen, where they tied him to a chair with gaffer-tape until he cooled down.

‘Well?’ said Mr Reindeer, closing the kitchen door to mute the old git’s rantings.

‘I had some mates round,’ said the Lad, looking more than a bit sheepish.

‘What for - a knobhead competition?’ said Frank, pointing to the cucumber.

‘No, no,’ said the Lad, taking off the cucumber and trying to hide it in his shirt. ‘We were doing this...’

Frank and Mr Reindeer waited while he fired up the decks. A crash from the kitchen told them that old Zeddy had probably fallen over.

Then Knobby hit the start key, and to everyone but the Lad’s surprise, music came oozing from the speakers in the form of a demented tango.

Frank looked at Mr Reindeer and they both laughed.

‘There’s more,’ said the Lad, ‘An album’s worth - just needs mixing.’

‘Better mix it then,’ said Mr Reindeer. ‘Once you’ve got this place cleaned up.’

And so Knobby’s new project was born.

When it came round to doing the artwork, Frank asked the Lad what he wanted to call the project. Once again, the Lad looked more than a bit sheepish.

‘If you don’t mind, I’d like to call it Tanguy’ he said.

Tanguy it is,’ said Frank. ‘But don’t forget you owe me a book, you twat.’

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1, 2 & 5-10 written by Israel Hands and the Knobster; ©2010 Bollockbrain Productions.

3 & 4 written by Jonny Deadpan, Israel Hands and the Knobster ©2010 Deep Coma and Bollockbrain Productions.

All tracks arranged and played by the Knobster with the assistance of Dickie and the Daidoes.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at the Bollockbrain Bunker by The Knobster.

Produced by Mr Reindeer.

Artwork: Frank Blunt.

℗2010 Bollockbrain Productions. Some rights reserved.

Please read the Zblotnikland Legal Page before downloading any tracks.