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  1. 1: Special Brew
  2. 2: Mirror In The Bathroom
  3. 3: Our Lips Are Sealed
  4. 4: Lost In Music
  5. 5: Disco Inferno
  6. 6: Night Fever
  7. 7: To Cut A Long Story Short
  8. 8: Whole Wide World
  9. 9: Turning Japanese
  10. 10: Cuddly Toy

After the original master of Armchair Theatre had been rejected by the PRiDE, the Bunker became a very quiet place.

The PRiDE had buggered off, saying they wanted nothing more to do with the recording lark. Frank and Mr Reindeer had taken up permanent residence in the pub, watching cricket on the big telly. Which just left Zblotnik, who had become obsessed with tai chi, and the Knobster, who was down in the deepest of dumps.

Knobby spent some time trying to remix tracks from Armchair Theatre, but none of it was really going anywhere, so he gave it up as a bad job best left alone. He was a very sad Knobby indeed.

‘Why don’t you get those mates of yours in?’ said old Zeddy. ‘The ones who drank all me Special Brew when you recorded Tanguy. Have a jam session and see what happens.’

‘Sure you don’t mind?’

‘Nah. Bout time we had a good kick-arse shindig in here. Instead of them po-faced PRiDE bastards being so fucking serious about trying to be funny all the time.’

So Knobby got in touch with his mates - a local J-pop covers band called Dickie and the Daidoes - and fairly soon the Bunker was heaving with Brew-fuelled versions of ‘Twinkle Magic’ and the likes.

Zblotnik, who’d stocked the Bunker with a mountain of Special Brew, was doing the rounds, replacing empty cans with full ones. And then something magical happened.

Having noticed that old Zeddy was doing his best to keep them well-tanked, Dickie and the Daidoes repaid the compliment by playing the old Bad Manners track ‘Special Brew’.

‘You know something?’ Zeddy said to Knobby. ‘We should record this.’

So Knobby fired up the decks, and recordings were made of Dickie and the Daidoes playing versions of covers from the 70s and 80s.

They weren’t perfect, but there was enough for young Knobby to work with over the next few weeks. And work he did, cleaning things up, adding mellotron and horns, until things started sounding gradely.

When they heard the initial mixes, Dickie and the Daidoes were as chuffed as a budgie’s nudger.

Because of the amount of work Knobby had to put in to clean up the tracks and make them pleasurable for the lugholes, Dickie and the Daidoes agreed that the project would have the name Knobby and the Nudgers: undiscovered.

All tracks arranged and played by Knobby and the Nudgers.

Recorded, engineered and mixed at the Bollockbrain Bunker by The Knobster.

Produced by Zblotnik.

Artwork: Frank Blunt.

℗ 2011 Bollockbrain Productions. Some rights reserved.

For copyright reasons, undiscovered will not be made available for downloading.