Armchair Theatre

After completing The First of the Bohicans, the PRiDE disappeared for several months. When they returned, they refused to say where they’d been, the only comment being the one word: ‘Out!’

The Bollockbrains thought the PRiDE would be keen to start work on a new project once they were back in the Bunker, but they didn’t seem to be keen on doing anything at all. In fact, the only thing in which they showed any interest, was sitting around playing cards while watching DVDs of old 60s TV series.

It was, as Mr Reindeer said: ‘A stagnant situation.’

Then one day, as he was sorting his winnings into piles of different denominations, Izzy started laughing.

‘I think we should do something about old Zeddy there,’ he said. ‘Sitting in his Shackleton, pissed out of what’s left of his brains on Special Brew, thinking he’s in the Antarctic.’

‘It actually thinks,’ said Zblotnik.

‘Hold your palominos,’ said Rex. ‘How about a series of songs about different people sitting in armchairs, all convinced they’re somewhere else. A casino, a war-zone, a ghost train, the Sixties...’

‘A porno fillum,’ said Max.

‘So long as it’s not old Zeddy in that one,’ said the Blackshadow. ‘We’ll have to dig out the Meccano set.’

‘Up periscope!’ said Izzy.

‘Out of the gobs of twats and arseholes,’ said Zblotnik.

‘All agreed?’ said Rex.

It was. So time was booked in the Bunker for the next project, which would be to do with people sitting in armchairs, thinking they were somewhere else.

During the planning stage of the project, the PRiDE decided they’d like to take a slightly different approach to how things were done. Instead of writing songs and then recording them, or putting together backing tracks, then writing lyrics, they wanted to do something which would include artwork by FrankB as an active part of the process, as opposed to FrankB concocting something once the tracks had been recorded.

The process would be fairly straightforward. Backing tracks would be recorded by the PRiDE. Rough mixes of these would be bounced and given to FrankB, along with an outline of the subject matter of each track. FrankB would listen to the mixes and produce appropriate artwork, which would be forwarded to the PRiDE and used as a basis for lyrics.

Music would inspire images, which in turn would inspire words.

The PRiDE also decided to call on old sidekick, Jonny Deadpan, for input on a couple of tracks.

Once the project was underway, there were the usual discussions about what it should be called when finished. The old 60s TV series the PRiDE had been watching were an influence throughout, so they thought something from that era would be suitable. Final choice: Armchair Theatre.

Armchair Theatre was released on 1st April 2011. The PRiDE weren’t happy with the finished product, however, and asked that it be withdrawn soon after.

The Bollockbrains reviewed the situation. The PRiDE had made it quite clear that they would be happy if the project never saw the light of day again. A lot of time and effort had gone into its making, however, and the Bollockbrains were reluctant to just dump it. They told the PRiDE that if this turned out to be the case, then Bollockbrain Productions would not be willing to provide support for any more PRiDE projects.

Things got tense.

Meanwhile, Knobby had been tinkering with the track ‘Small Game for Big Hunters’, and had come up with an alternative mix, one with a bit more life to it. The PRiDE were taken with this, and asked if he could do the same for the rest of the project. He said he could, so the whole of Armchair Theatre was remixed, then remastered by the lad, and finally made available again in August 2011.

It’d been a long haul, but a testament to the dedication of the Knobster.

Use the player above to preview and download tracks in a format of your choice. Artwork is included if you download the complete project.

1-3 & 6-9 written, arranged and played by THE SPECTRAL PRiDE, ©2011 Bollockbrain Productions.

4 & 5 written, arranged and played by Jonny Deadpan and THE SPECTRAL PRiDE, ©2011 Deepcoma & Bollockbrain Productions.

10 written by Erik Satie, Camille Saint-Saëns and THE SPECTRAL PRiDE, arranged and played by THE SPECTRAL PRiDE, ©2011 Bollockbrain Productions.

Recorded, engineered and mixed by The Knobster at the Bollockbrain Bunker.

Produced by Mr Reindeer.

℗2011 Bollockbrain Productions. Some rights reserved.

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