The Assassination Bureau
  1. 1: Monk
  2. 2: Zyklon-B
  3. 3: Warcry
  4. 4: Tonton Macoute
  5. 5: Robespierre
  6. 6: The Vendetta
  7. 7: Trotsky
  8. 8: Sour 17 [Girl On Fire]
  9. 9: Into the Sunshine
  10. 10: Mercenary Man
  11. 11: Gallows Bird

By the time THE SPECTRAL PRiDE had reached Project No 4 for Bollockbrain Productions, they were on a roll. Arrangements were flowing and tracks were being laid down like nobody’s business. So they went out to celebrate. Which can be a problem. The reason: when he’s had a skinful, Max Plank tends to become the original Miserable Bastard: seeing nowt but death and destruction behind every doorway, a disease under every stone. This in turn usually causes the Blackshadow to wind poor Max up like a metronome: pulling mopey mugs at him and calling him the Big Misery Guts and such like.

‘You know what we ought to do?’ the Blackshadow announced to the Bollockbrains, and the other members of the PRiDE. ‘We ought to do a complete album about murder and annihilation, just to cheer this long-winded fart up!’

‘Dah!’ said Max, turning away and pretending to watch the wheels go round on the one-armed bandit.

‘Ohhh, you’re my melancholia-flowered bayyyybeeee!’ the Blackshadow yodelled, strumming an imaginary ukelele.

‘You know something,’ said Mr Reindeer, after a long thoughtful stare into his Jamesons chaser. ‘That's not a bad idea at all. Bunker tomorrow, lads!’

And he was right.

1-10 written by THE SPECTRAL PRiDE, ©2004 Bollockbrain Productions. 11 is an arrangement of a poem by the late Peter Redgrove.

All tracks arranged and played by THE SPECTRAL PRiDE.

Recorded by Zblotnik at the Bollockbrain Bunker.

Engineered and mixed by The Knobster.

Produced by Mr Reindeer.

℗2004 Bollockbrain Productions. Some rights reserved.

The Assassination Bureau is no longer available for downloading.