2014 was always going to be a special year for both the PRiDE and the Bollockbrains. Though it didn’t seem all that long since everyone had met up and decided to have fun, it’d been ten years since the formation of the PRiDE, and Bollockbrain Productions as the supporting label.

In that time, there’d been quite a few Bollockbrain releases: 14 projects by the PRiDE themselves, 4 by the PRiDE+1, 7 by The Knobster, and 2 by Knobby and the Nudgers. 27 projects in all, no small feat given that it’d all been done for a laugh from a living-room in the middle of nowhere.

While recording Tenfoot, the notion that the Tenth Anniversary was approaching hovered in the background like a hungry hawk. But once that project was done and out of the way, minds turned to the idea of doing something special to celebrate the fact that the whole bag of bollocks had lasted a hell of a lot longer than anyone thought it would. But what?

‘How about a big party in the kitchen with the lads playing live?’ said Knobby.

‘What, so you and your pisshead mates can wreck the place?’ said Zblotnik, effectively hammering a spike into the heart of that idea.

‘We could always just ignore it,’ said Izzy. ‘Who needs anniversaries anyway?’

‘Trust a miserable bastard like you to put the proverbial sock on it,’ said Max. ‘One of these days you’ll smile, and the top of your head’ll fall off.’

‘Oh yeah, and what do you want to do?’ said Izzy. ‘Bounce around the carpet on Galiena blow-up dolls?’

The bickering went on well into the night.

Eventually, however, the Reindeer coughed up an idea which gained everyone’s approval: a small project in which all the acts associated with Bollockbrain Productions revisited the past and came up with new renditions of old material. This could be something they’d originally done themselves, or somebody else’s banana - it didn’t matter, so long as it was a fresh reworking of a previous release from the Bollockbrain catalogue.

‘I’m up for that,’ said Rex.

So it was agreed that the Tenth Anniversary project would be a look back at old material with new eyes. Nothing too extensive: one track by each of the acts; four tracks in all.

And the name of the project? Following on from a comment made by Izzy about the whole thing being a bit of a brainstorm, it had to be just that: Brainstorm.

Use the player above to preview and download tracks in a format of your choice. Artwork is included if you download the complete project.

‘Heart of the Matter’ written by THE SPECTRAL PRiDE, ©2014 Bollockbrain Productions. Arranged and played by Knobby and The Nudgers.

‘Studio Dongo’ written by THE SPECTRAL PRiDE and Jonny Deadpan, ©2014 Bollockbrain Productions & Deep Coma. Arranged and played by THE SPECTRAL PRiDE+1.

‘Between Acts (The Symmetry Trick)’ written, arranged and played by The Knobster, ©2014 Bollockbrain Productions.

‘Laid Bare’ written, arranged and played by THE SPECTRAL PRiDE, ©2014 Bollockbrain Productions.

Recorded, engineered and mixed by The Knobster at the Bollockbrain Bunker.

Produced by Mr Reindeer.

℗2014 Bollockbrain Productions. Some rights reserved.

Please read the Zblotnikland Legal Page before downloading any tracks.