Dust Experiments
  1. 1: Uncle Bunkum
  2. 2: Mickey Spillane
  3. 3: Sex & Paranoia
  4. 4: Lucy
  5. 5: Butterflies
  6. 6: Headlong

Before becoming involved with THE SPECTRAL PRiDE, the Blackshadow, Hands and Plank were three legs of The Compact Pussycats, a part-time shit-kicker band who would appear in the kitchen at parties and make a god-almighty row. All songs for The Compacts were written or co-written by the frontman of the band: Jonny Deadpan, crazed yodeller and connoisseur of the ridiculous.

The Compacts, with all the backroom spitting and scratching, weren’t destined to survive long, but when THE SPECTRAL PRiDE were sitting straining their collective spud over Project #1 for Bollockbrain Productions, the idea of new arrangements of Deadpan numbers was thrown on to the table. Bland was a bit whingy at first about old cracks in new g-strings, but once the Blackshadow and Hands had played him some old tapes and raved about the potential of new arrangements, the marimba parts had begun to formulate and he was soon sold.

And so Dust Experiments, a collection of 6 Deadpan songs newly arranged, was born, rising from the ashes of one band to announce the arrival of THE SPECTRAL PRiDE.

5 written by Deadpan/Hands, ©2004 Deep Coma/Bollockbrain Productions. All other tracks written by Deadpan, ©2004 Deep Coma.

All tracks arranged and played by THE SPECTRAL PRiDE.

Recorded by Zblotnik at the Bollockbrain Bunker.

Engineered and mixed by The Knobster.

Produced by Mr Reindeer.

℗2004 Bollockbrain Productions. Some rights reserved.

A limited edition of 20 CDs of Dust Experiments, including 2 Knobster remixes and a bonus track [‘Countdown’ from Bell Bottom Blues] was produced and given away to friends.

Dust Experiments is no longer available for downloading.