Juicy Pears
  1. 1: Maureen
  2. 2: Rubber Don
  3. 3: Bert's Bolero
  4. 4: Blue
  5. 5: Man In A Fruitcake
  6. 6: Cleopatra's Needle
  7. 7: Walking Cliches
  8. 8: Life On A String

When THE SPECTRAL PRiDE finished recording Hysterical Tongues, they decided it was high time they took a break from the recording lark. Having just completed 5 projects in 9 months, they were struggling to come up with new ideas - at least ones on which everyone could agree - and were also beginning to get on one another’s tits.

‘Sounds like you’re all ready to do solo albums,’ Mr Reindeer said, tongue stroking the inside of his cheek. But joke or not, this rang all sorts of bells with the PRiDE, and pretty soon they were jabbering on about how they’d each like to do something personal: an album showcasing the specific talents of the individual.

‘O Fudd, here we go,’ said Zblotnik. But the idea had taken shape, and to get things moving along, it was decided that each member of the PRiDE would team up with one of the Bollockbrains, book some Bunker time, and start laying down tracks. Deadlines were open, but eventually there would be four albums, which would be released under the collective title Juicy Pears.

Things went well to begin with. Basic tracks took shape with speed, and the addition of a Mac to the studio hardware was appreciated by all. Before long, however, a common problem started to raise its head: the boys missed one another.

The Blackshadow would lay down a rhythm track, for example, which just didn’t sound right. It was missing something - one of Izzy’s basslines. Similarly, a Bland track would need a Blackshadow solo to pick things up. A Hands rhythm section would need Plank keyboards to act as counterpoint to the bass. A Plank drum-pattern would need Bland vibes to give it some oomph. And so on. The permutations were legion, but pointed to the one thing: THE SPECTRAL PRiDE worked better together, as a band.

Instead of four solos albums, Juicy Pears turned out to be a collection of 8 songs, with each member of the PRiDE generating the basic tracks for 2 songs. Which songs originated with which member is anybody’s guess. All tracks were completed as group projects by the PRiDE and are rightly identified as belonging to the group, not the individual.

‘It’s funny how projects can start out being one thing, and end up being another,’ Mr Reindeer said, when Juicy Pears was finally in the can. ‘There’s a lesson in there somewhere, lads.’

All tracks written by THE SPECTRAL PRiDE, ©2005 Bollockbrain Productions.

All tracks played by THE SPECTRAL PRiDE.

Recorded by Zblotnik at the Bollockbrain Bunker.

Engineered and mixed by The Knobster.

Produced by Mr Reindeer.

℗2005 Bollockbrain Productions. Some rights reserved.

Juicy Pears is no longer available for downloading.