During the recording of The Sandwalk, the PRiDE started to have ideas about another project. This process began during a lyric-wrestling session, when the Blackshadow suddenly said: ‘You know something? This all reminds me of the sort of shit we used to get up to when we were kids.’

‘Chudding, knocking-off-ginger, eggety-budge - that sort of thing?’ said Izzy.

‘Aye,’ said the Blackshadow. ‘Along with croggies and spudguns and sannies.’

‘Not to mention tiddlers and Flatty Dyke,’ said Rex.

‘What the hell are you lot on about?’ said Knobby, showing the age-difference between himself and the PRiDE.

‘Misspent childhoods,’ said the Reindeer. ‘Might be the beginnings of a another project there, lads.’

‘One thing if we do saunter along that path, though,’ said Rex. ‘Must mention a Macmans’ van. Won’t be the same without a Macmans’ van.’

‘And the girls all dancing in navy-blue knickers,’ said Max.

‘Trust you to remember that,’ said Izzy.

‘Eeeh,’ said Zblotnik. ‘Do you remember those electric Co-op vans with the big hatch at the back? They were wacky.’

But whatever anyone remembered, the seed had been sown. And as Knobby got on with the business of mixing The Sandwalk, the PRiDE moved on to the development of ideas for the next project, which would be to do with the shit they got up to when they were kids.

When it came around to laying down the backing-tracks for the new project, however, things took an odd turn.

Knobby had gone through the usual procedure of trying out various plug-ins while mixing The Sandwalk. As he did so, he noticed an old favourite of his, which hadn’t been used on a Bollockbrain project for quite a while. This was the virtual drum-machine iDrum.

‘Have you thought about using iDrum?’ he asked as the PRiDE were getting ready to map-out the rhythm tracks.

The PRiDE looked at one another, then burst out laughing. Drum tracks were something usually left to Izzy and Max, with minimum interference.

‘Tell you what,’ said the Blackshadow. ‘I’ll go through all the rhythm-guitar parts with you, and you do the programming. How about that?’

A silence as cold as a frozen pizza gripped the room. And when Knobby looked at the other Bollockbrains for support, all they did was wink and smile.

‘OK, you’re on,’ he finally said.

‘Bet you a fiver you can’t do it,’ said Izzy.

‘You’re on, too,’ said the lad, a sheepish look working its way into his face.

But no matter how flustered he felt about taking on the PRiDE rhythm-section at its own game, Knobby knew that he was up for the challenge. After all, he’d been engineering, mixing and mastering PRiDE projects for some time, and was well aware that at the end of the day, the roar was umpteen times worse than the bite.

OK, so some of the stuff he came up with on the iDrum needing tweaking by Izzy and Max. But on the whole it was good, and his efforts were used on every track of the new project. In fact, so chuffed were the PRiDE with his contribution, they insisted his name be included in the credits.

Another name included in the credits is that of an old mate of Knobby’s: The Bransholme Fart, who was brought in to drivel and blather on various tracks. A surly customer at the best of times, he was kept in a good mood with cheap cider, bought for the most part with the fiver given to Knobby by Izzy.

Throughout the development and recording of the project, the PRiDE were aware that the tenth anniversary of their formation as a unit was approaching. To pay tribute to the fact that they had managed to stay together for so long, they decided that the new project would not only look back at misspent childhoods, but would also look back at previous projects. This they accomplished by reusing whatever seemed appropriate: chord progressions, synth settings, lyrics, solos - everything they had ever done (or not done) was up for grabs, though exactly where any of it was used is something for a rainy day.

The tenth anniversary would also be influential on their choice of a name for the project: Tenfoot. Though there’s more to that one than meets the eye.....

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All tracks written, arranged and played by THE SPECTRAL PRiDE and The Knobster, ©2014 Bollockbrain Productions.

Special guest: The Bransholme Fart.

Recorded, engineered and mixed by The Knobster at the Bollockbrain Bunker.

Produced by Mr Reindeer.

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