1. 1: Bananas!
  2. 2: Ungawa Bongo!
  3. 3: Zootime!
  4. 4: Tula
  5. 5: Mr Beasby Goes Shopping...
  6. 6: Pigmaleon
  7. 7: Mandrill
  8. 8: No Stripes On Me
  9. 9: Tame!

As THE SPECTRAL PRiDE were writing and rewriting the tracks for Bell Bottom Blues, one song chucked on the table for consideration was an old Kostrubonko! number: ‘Mandrill’ - a minor concept in a major key, to do with domestic violence. The general idea behind the song was the transformation of the protagonist, as a relationship hits the rocks and falls apart, from a gentle decent type of bloke into a full-blown blue-arsed baboon. Live performances would feature a ranting Bland strutting about the stage and beating his chest as humanity fell away and animalism kicked in. Sometimes this was met with acclaim, more often than not it was met with an ominous silence.

When ideas for the third project for Bollockbrain Productions were being shoved round the coffee-table, ‘Mandrill’ resurfaced as a song worth giving a good seeing-to. ‘We had some laughs with that one,’ the Blackshadow observed. ‘Would be interesting to do something with the people turning into animals angle.’

Hmmmm, came the collective reply as neurons fired, sending electro-chemical impulses round brainpans. And before long THE SPECTRAL PRiDE were coughing up old songs, including a couple by Jonny Deadpan, and writing new ones, all with the central idea of people becoming animals. Monkeys, lemurs, talking tigers, boa constrictors, cougars, lynxes, leopards, cheetahs, toucans, chimps, pigs, wolves and more all appeared with people under their skins.

The problem of a name for this human menagerie was solved early on in the writing and recording process, when a song about dressing up in catsuits at carnivaltime was being drafted. In honour of Desmond Morris, whose book The Naked Ape embodied the essence of the project, the decision was made to call the song, and the complete cycle, Zootime! after the great man’s TV program of the 60s.

1 written by Deadpan/Hands, ©2004 Deep Coma/Bollockbrain Productions. 5 written by Deadpan, ©2004 Deep Coma. All other tracks written by THE SPECTRAL PRiDE, ©2004 Bollockbrain Productions.

All tracks arranged and played by THE SPECTRAL PRiDE.

Recorded at the Bollockbrain Bunker by Zblotnik.

Engineered and mixed by The Knobster.

Produced by Mr Reindeer.

℗2004 Bollockbrain Productions. Some rights reserved.

Zootime! is no longer available for downloading.